Brass Threaded Inserts For Plastic/Wood

If you are looking for brass threaded inserts for plastic or wood then your search ends here. Venus Enterprise is a one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Threaded inserts for plastic injection molding , plastic tubing, wood and metal.

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At Venus Enterprise, we manufactured the Brass threaded inserts highlighted here for an infusion disintegrate that was delivering an over shaped part for a car industry application. This venture exhibits our capacity to make complicated components at high throughput rates while keeping up close resistances, and it speaks to the kind of work we do here every day. Brass threaded inserts are sparing, accessible in the widest scope of sizes, simple to introduce, and corrosion resistance.

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We offer a vast variety of Threaded brass inserts for all strategies for installation, including ultrasonic, warm, warm, press-in and shape in. Our threaded inserts begin at 0-80 for inch strings and M1.6 for metric strings. We offer the broadest assortment of lengths for ultrasonic and thermal Threaded Brass Inserts in the business. In spite of the fact that our standard line is brass, we likewise stock stainless steel inserts in an assortment of styles and sizes.

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Brass Threaded Inserts For Wood & Plastic